vorrei ringraziare David G. Hartwell e Irene Gallo per l’apprezzamento nei confronti delle mie copertine per Philip K Dick e le centinaia di blog e siti in tutto il mondo che si stanno interessando al mio lavoro…mi auguro di potervi dare ancora motivo di entusiasmo !! GRAZIE !

I would like to thank David G. Hartwell and Irene Gallo for the appreciation of my covers for Philip K Dick and the hundreds of blogs and websites around the world who are interested in my work … I hope to be able to give you more reasons for enthusiasm! THANKS!

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…some of your comments:

Artist Antonello Silverini has posted a sprawling gallery of Philip K. Dick book covers he designed for Italian publishing house Fanucci Editore. Silverini’s gorgeously fractured collages truly convey the reality-altering aspects and transhumanism present in Dick’s oeuvre.

Finally, an artist comes up with covers that look exactly like they came right out of the inside of PK’s head. Astoundingly good finds

Those are so much cooler than the covers of the Vintage Press and Del Ray editions which I own.

These are fantastic! So very surreal, and I love the ethereal color treatments.

Perbacco! Wow those images really capture the alienated, literally non-sensical side of Dick. I can feel the fear, emptiness and confusion spreading out from them like a hoar frost.

Check out this great gallery of Philip K. Dick book covers by Italian artist Antonello Silverini. Man, why do other countries always seem to have better cover art than us? I was fortunate enough to have done most of my PKD novel-reading while in Ireland, where they carry the wonderful retro-future UK covers. I can’t stand the current American editions, which look like mashups of psychedelic computer clip art from 1987.

There was a link over the weekend on io9 to the blog of Antonello Silverini, an Italian graphic artist who designs book covers. He’s got a great eye, but what really catches my eyes (and the eyes of io9), are the covers he did for the works of Philip K. Dick for the Italian editions published by Fanucci Editore. I love it. It’s deliriously abstract, yet, in the context of the book, is absolutely appropriate.

Italian artist Antonello Silverini’s mock-ups of Philip K. Dick covers have been all over the web these past few days. They’re creepy and haunting, so totally in keeping with Dick’s dystopian prose.

Artist Antonello Silverini uploaded a collection of Philip K. Dick book covers that are just as surreal as the stories themselves. As a fan of P.K., I was delighted to find this collection.

至于Antonello Silverini要做的,则是为菲利普·狄克系列科幻作品意大利版设计封面。相对于前述两种艺术媒介,Antonello Silverini所面对的并不是将原有的文字进行还原和延伸,而是准确无误地精炼文字,将原作的理念融于画作之中,用极简的方式去表现一个古怪作家复杂的内心世界。

Italian Philip K. Dick Book Covers Are As MindBending As His Tales.

Stunning, surreal, and thoroughly enjoyable just for the art itself, even if you’re not a PKD fan.

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